Thursday, July 23, 2009


Big thank you to Marc and Sara Schiller from the Wooster Collective, everyone's favorite street art blog, for featuring our project today. Thank you again to David Topping and Michael Chrisman from the torontoist for posting the original article yesterday.


  1. hey fellas,

    This project is great, i really can't wait to see more about this, thanks for making my day :]

    Danny Rose

  2. Hi Guys,

    Much love and respect for this project! We need more of this kind of thing everywhere!

    all the best for the future, hope you continue to put a smile on peoples faces, Great work!!

    Paul Trumble

  3. this is really something clever simple and awesome. bravo bravo guys i hope you make thousand of these

  4. I don't get the term "guerrilla" applied to gardens. I think it implies people sneaking around in bandanas with bandoliers of seed packets (or maybe seed balls), trowels, and backpacks of deeply composted humus leaving behind flowering oasises in for morning passerby to be enlightened and enriched by. I also think that's bullshit. Young plants are delicate, tender things, that need just the right time and conditions to flourish. Besides which, if there weren't already plants growing somewhere it means they COULDN'T without help -- either the place is too hot/ too cold or it doesn't get enough water/sun/shade. Are you a guerrilla if you have a watering schedule for old buildings, walls, and vacant lots? Aren't the neighbors gonna complain at some point about the garden bandit that sneaks around to do god knows what in the middle of the night? Or are you just the neighborhood's unpaid personal gardener? If so, could you stop by my neighborhood?