Tuesday, July 14, 2009


so me and sean thought it would be a good idea to start a blog to thoroughly document our work through out the summer. it's nice that people are interested in the work--there's going to be a shitload more coming around town so watch out for them!. here are the initial words, taken from www.at-aw.com . templates can be downloaded soon as we figure out this new fangled internet thing...

A further addition to the Natural Urban Interventions. I see this as an improntu architectural green wall system(or a satire of one) that is cut out of existing poster spaces. Some may call it a little guerrila gardening but I see this more as an 'Urban Hack' in its ability to jam an urban system and provoke reaction.

Anyhow, I like the idea so much and it seems pretty fun to do, that we're tossing the design out 'there' for free for you to use. Go to town and make your city awesome by clicking and opening the .pdf here. For such a craaaazzzzyyy idea, the planter is actually pretty simple folding geometry and I'm confident that you can develop much more refined and complex planter systems and shapes. Such as:

Kudos to artist Sean Martindale for the help and colloborative talk on the Spadina post. He diligently developed it from my random, chaotic cutout concept into a more refined corkscrew pattern and, along that line, established a more minimal planter cutout through the use of conical geometry. Plus, the dude got up at 5am on a Sunday to help me out with the planting! Dude is super cool--link to his website when it's up.

-eric 090714

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