Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quick note on PosterChild's NYC planter

What I find interesting about PosterChild's adaptation of the planter is that it actually jams the advertisment folding it outward the blank white of the poster backing interrupts the message completely rather than creating a wrapping of the ad around the planter. So, I guess if you're a hardcore ad jammer that's the technique to follow.

Further, I actually enjoy that folding outward reveals the staples holding the planter together. It's a good way of making the planter construction transparent to those passing by--there's a rough honesty to the construction that's is in line with the 'open source' ideals of our urban interventions.

-eric 09.08.05


  1. Hi,

    I'm leaving this comment because I can't seem to find a contact for you guys. Please contact regarding a project we'd love to have you participate in.

  2. Wow... I saw your plants around town (I'm from Toronto) and just loved them. I was looking at OCAD grad 'interduction' book and just randomly googled your name to find the plants!! Great work! And congrats on expanding to NY as well.